Our HSE Commitment

Artemis is committed to the highest standards of health, safety and environmental responsibility and complies fully with all applicable laws and regulations in every activity that it undertakes.

We are unwavering in our commitment to providing a workplace where everyone is healthy, safe and secure, our client’s assets are not damaged and the environment is unharmed.

Our mandate is as follows:

  • To establish and enforce high standards of safety performance and practices
  • To establish “best fit” management systems
  • To make mandatory task observation practices
  • To provide a timely response to safety issues and concerns
  • To empower individuals to successfully fulfill their safety and job responsibilities

Trained HSE personnel provide timely health and safety updates including legislation to all staff on best procedures. STOW Certification has offered the required model for HSE success.

We are committed to Continuous Professional Development

  • We aim to prevent accidents and cases of work-related injuries/illnesses by providing competent personnel to minimize risk.
  • Positive safety culture and awareness begins in the office upon recruitment and engagement, which translates to a safe working environment on your work site.
  • Our employees are involved in HSE at all levels from senior management through to the involvement of all employees, both office and site based.
  • Through our HSE systems, we ensure that the workforce are fully trained and competent to carry out all duties as required by our clients, by matching training, experience and competency to the requirements of clients on an individual level.
  • This approach ensures we’re taking the right steps so that our employees and customers return home in the same condition they arrived – injury free.

Training Hours

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